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A JSON StAX Implementation

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Stable Version: 1.3.3

Maven integration

To include Jettison in your Maven-based project, include the following snippet in your pom.xml file


  • Correct processing of JSON arrays which need to be mapped to primitive arrays in JAXB beans
  • XMLStreamException will have its location property pointing to the first illegal character
  • Adding guards in MappedXMLStreamReader to prevent NPE when reading text. 
  • Resolving a number of open issues as already fixed

Change Log


  • JETTISON-122  - If array is mapped to a primitive collection at JAXB level then all but the last array elements are lost
  • JETTISON-123  - Report the invalid character position in case of read exceptions
  • JETTISON-45   - Null Pointer Exception getting text length
  • JETTISON-92  - Multiple collections in an object get collapsed into one JSON array
  • JETTISON-91  - Repeated element names in nested objects handled incorrectly
  • JETTISON-90  - Nested arrays incorrect termination
  • JETTISON-71  - Jettison does not keep the order on Lists when there are many subtypes
  • JETTISON-59   - Wrong XML produced by MappedXMLStreamReader


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